Silalive Silica Supplement
  • The Secret to Youthful Looks...

    Silica is often referred to as "Natures Building Block" because the body is made up of so much of this powerful mineral. Silica supplements can help your skin produce natural collagen which will leave your skin with a nice healthy glow and wrinkle free.

  • Silica Health Benefits...

    There is a reason that silica is one of the top selling natural supplements. Silica can help the body fight the aging process and stimulate the body's self repair process. This gives the body a fighting chance against the normal aches of growing old. Silica can help alleviate joint pain, back pain, and even fight osteoporosis!

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    Silica is the single most important mineral for your body! SilaPure Silica Supplement is made up of TWO sources of Silica.

    SilaPure is made up of both Diatomaceous Earth and Orthosilicic Acid. Together these create a very powerful silica supplement.

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Silalive by Liquid Vitamins Leader...

Silalive Silica Supplement is a First Of Its Kind Silica Supplement made up of Two Powerful Silica sources. Silalive is made up of both Diatomaceous Earth (or DME) and Orthosilicic Acid. Together these two Silica sources can help you achieve a healthier tomorrow...

Symptoms of Silica Deficiency...

  • Aging Skin (Wrinkles, Looseness)
  • Loss of Hair & Thinning Hair
  • Decreased Bone Development
  • Brittle Nails
  • Teeth Problems
  • Hardening Of The Arteries
  • Sensitiveness To Cold

We hope our Silalive Silica Supplement can improve the quality of your life!

"I love using Silalive! I find it really easy to take everyday. It has really helped with my joint paint. I no longer have to take multiple pills every morning just to be pain free."
- Betty, 57

The Importance of Silica Mineral

It is important to give our body the proper amount of silica

Silica plays an important role in the human body, especially for the bones and the vascular, nervous and respiratory systems. Its action over the elastic fibers is vital. It occurs in forming the tendons, the skin and appendages. It constitutes an antitoxin and it is involved in treating arteriosclerosis, hypertension, demineralization, rickets, general weakness, degenerative diseases (rheumatism, cancer), bleeding – maladies which involve silica shortage.

Silica Benefits

Silica has also an enormous importance in the growth of plants and theses defense against parasites. In soils, the silica mineral is found in the form of complex silicates. Groundwater contains 20-50 mg per liter. A hectare of soil bean plucks ten pounds of silica each year. Because of the land’s wealth in silica, and consequently the plants rich in this mineral, the herbivore animals are the ones richest in this mineral.

In animals, silica is found especially in the pancreas, the spleen, the connective tissue, so we gradually notice the importance of it in the various biological phenomenons. The enamel of our teeth, nails, hair is also based on silica. The skin suppleness, as well as the tissue is linked to the presence of this element. It exists in both lung tissue and elastic layers of arteries. A normal body needs silica in quantities of about 20 to 30 mg per day. It is provided by vegetables, fruits, meat (proving again that organic food is healthy), clear water, soil, water siliceous (silica is very low in water taps of the big cities). The white bread, vegetables, shelled, peeled fruit, are mostly lacking of silica, because, like the vitamins B and C, it can be found especially in the outer layers of plants. Thus, the children of our generation - and of many previous generations - were very inspired when they were arguing for the apple peels throwned away by their mothers when preparing fruit juice. Eating the peel of the apples, you will not only let your children amuse themselves, but also feed them great food.

The current deficiencies in silica will disappear when the prominently biological cultures regarding food will be paid the attention needed, as many specialists are asking it for a very longtime now. But with these deficiencies, there are other ones which aggravate, such as the “deficiencies of caring about our health”. We meet these deficiencies, for example, in the lack of the hydrochloric acid within the gastric liquids. People don’t notice it or don’t pay it enough attention and therefore, don’t take any action to make the situation better. The results of this kind of indolence can be devastating later.

Crumbly nails are a great alarm, because it precedes the symptom of bone demineralization. Therefore, you will have to look over and take any treatment which will include, as mandatory, silica. If you are loosing silica from your body, the next stage will be loosing the calcium. It is remarkable to note that, traditionally, silica has been re-mineralization mineral for the tuberculosis patients. Migrations between calcium and silica in various pathological conditions have been noted before. Silica finds its use in all cases of bone surgery.

What Is Silica?

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Silica Benefits

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How Silica Works

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Silica Supplement History And Uses

Organic Silicon for Better Health

Silica is not only the second most abundant element on earth. It is also the one of the most essential elements that plays vital roles in the normal functions of cells and tissues of living matters. In the human body, it is an important constituent of the connective tissues, such as the vascular lining, ligaments, tendons and cartilage, as well as its adrenal and thymus glands, spleen, liver, pancreas, skin and hair. Aside from promoting normal development, it is also the agent that establishes the strength, resilience and flexibility of organs and tissues. Aside from safeguarding the integrity of the arterial walls, teeth, gums, bone, hair, nails and skin, it is also helpful in relieving the chronic symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

Modern research has discovered many of silica’s significant healing and health benefits. But although it plays crucial roles to various aspects of health, it is still one of the commonly overlooked nutrients of mainstream nutritionists.

On Silica Therapy

In addition to other essential food nutrients, maintaining adequate levels of silica, approximately 20 grams per day, is important in promoting healthy growth. Hence, deficiency of this nutrient poses serious consequences. The body only manages to cover 10 to 40 mg of silica. Most of which are even shed through urine, nail trimming and natural hair loss. With age, the body’s silica levels are expected to decline. Without proper supplementation, inadequate silica may result to weakening of bones, teeth and gums, premature wrinkling of skin and hair loss.

Without proper supplementation, inadequate silica may result to weakening of bones, teeth and gums, premature wrinkling of skin and hair loss.

In this light, mineral supplement silica has been seen as a solution to promoting health and longevity. Since the substance is a natural element, a pantheon of herbs and food sources have been used to extract organic silica. Sources such as horsetail, vegetables and bamboo have been widely used as sources of easily absorbed silica supplements.

Not all forms of naturally occurring silica elements are absorbed by the body. Thankfully, in 1930, organic silica sources have been discovered, discovering more sources or organic silica. By 1970, more of the significant silica health benefits, which include stimulated bone formation and repair, have been established. By 1990, pharmaceutical companies have discovered the healing and stabilizing effect of the substance to repairing damaged tissues and cells. Using their own formulation of silica, they have developed more effective wound and burn dressings.

Organic Silicon

There are many sources of silicon. However, when it comes to silica therapy, organic silicon is used as it performs better in facilitating the body’s general healing response to the substance. Unlike other forms of mineral silica, it is more effective in helping the body establish a balanced state, which is ideal for healing. By rendering the body in a balanced state, it better delivers the healing and beneficial properties of silica. Technically, people do not hold control to how their body heals and copes with a disease but organic silica helps facilitate healing in many ways.

Studied have observed that organic silicon has significantly improved asthma cases although it is not considered a direct treatment for asthma. However, it is a potent agent that helps render the body in its balanced state. With the use of its calming and stabilizing effect, detoxifying benefits and ability to correct potential disturbances on living cells, it delivers diverse healing benefits that help improve auto-immune conditions to some extent.

Organic silicon was originally developed to manage the debilitating symptoms of psoriasis, arthritis and other degenerative diseases that affect the joints. Anecdotal reports of its benefits include pain relief as well as relive for burns, skin irritation and inflammation.

How it Works

To heal the body from physical damage or disease, organic silicon stimulates healing from the core. It assists cellular repair and regeneration, which makes it more effective than any other form of natural and alternative treatment methods. Its particular importance is focused on its ability to maintain adequate levels of collagen, the component that is basically responsible in keeping the body together.

The substance is included in the make-up of the body’s structural matrix, which involve the bones, connective tissues and muscles. It basically helps these body structures store the nutrients and elements that are necessary in establishing their strength, resilience and flexibility. For instance, silica is present among bone forming cells called osteoblasts. It aids the deposition of calcium phosphate, which is a crucial aspect of the bone structure. Even among the cartilage forming cells, silica delivers similar functions. In this light, maintaining adequate levels of silica will not only ensure health but also allow the body to cope with injuries and illnesses that cause damage to the cells.


Arthritis, circulatory, digestion, bone, stomach and growth problems are easily solved by organic silica therapy or supplementation. Since silica levels degrade with age, one way of ensuring health and well-being is by making sure that you get the daily recommended allowance for silica. Lower than normal levels of silica promote plaque formation on the arterial walls. By consuming enough silica, you get to strengthen your arteries, balance your blood pressure, improve circulatory functions and keep your risks of developing coronary heart diseases to minimum. While it aids the deposition of calcium in the bones, it also helps correct diseases such as osteoporosis by strengthening the structures of the musculoskeletal system. This way, it prevents injuries and speeds up healing of muscle and joint damage, bone fractures and even severe arthritis. As a complementary form of treatment, it may help people control the trigger factors and manage the symptoms of auto-immune diseases.

Is there a need for organic silica supplements?

Actually, the human body is born with an abundance of silica to aid normal growth and development. It also enhances the function of other essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium, boron, potassium and calcium. However, as the body’s growth advance, the substance level decreases with age and having inadequate levels of silica comes with serious developmental consequences such as physical abnormalities, weakening of body structures such as bones, muscles and cartilages. Given its importance to health, making sure that you consume enough silica in your diet is never an option. Relying on your diet is not a fail-proof solution in this regard. The availability of quality-made organic silica supplements evidently shows that more and more people are discovering the more cost-effective solution to getting enough silica to enjoy better quality of life.

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